Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to get to the cool Windows Icons in your text and PowerPoint presentations

Did you ever tried to pimp your Powerpoints with some of the cool builtin Icons of Windows?

Initally you have two ways.

Way No 1 (Office 365):

If you are happy and you have Office 365 then make use of "ICONS" in PowerPoint or in Word. Go to "Insert" tab first.
This will open this simple to use UI:
Simply select the category and Icon and click on Insert in the lower right corner.

Way No 2 (Older Office versions AND Office 365):

In case you do not have Office365 and still stuck with older versions of Office you may still have the "Symbol" you find in the same ribbon but more to the right! The symbol icon is greyed out as long as you have no cursor in a text box. Keep in mind its in this case a character. In the first case it is a real graphic.

This will open this UI and there you need to select the font "Segoe MDL2 Assets"
If you have both its worth to check both places as the Icons may differ from each other.