("Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear")

As the news I get from my current job role may get outdated this is not always reflected just in time.

That means for you in detail:

  1. All news served here are on "BEST EFFORT"
  2. I can not take over any responsibility for damages or data loss that may occure while following these tips and tricks.
  3. Things may change over time. Whats current today is already deprecated tomorrow.
  4. As I know many NDA stuff due to may work I try to make sure that other people (either from MS or outside) already talk about it! So you will see typically references execpt I made up my own stuff (demos, findings outside of TAP program).
  5. Regarding local and linked content there is absolutly no waranty responsibility taken over.
  6. Linked content was checked for illegal content while publishing the posts. And did not contain such content when blog was created.

If you are happy with this - please feel free to use it.
If not - just forget this website. :-)