Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Corporate settings - custom default background

One of my customer recently asked me how to preset the default backgrounds to more corporate like backgrounds. After some investigation I found how to change this.

Checkout here the Reg Key and Folders:
The first of the five pictures is the CURRENT background which is stored in another folder as the HISTORICAL ones.

You need to modify the pictures in these folders:

C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows -> This is the current img0.jpg (the blue Windows logo)
C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Theme1 -> here you find the history of last used pictures. This will change during usage. 

The responsible Registry key is: 

Keep in mind that this CURRENT USER registry key need to be either modified due to the default profile.

But I would recommend to keep the registry key as it is and simply replace the corresponding files img0.jpg in the Wallpaper\Windows folder and the files img1.jpg, img2.jpg, img3.jpg img4.jpg in Wallpaper\Theme1 folder. Please keep in mind the Theme1 folder is hidden!