SystemCenter Configuration Manager

Heart of professional enterprise client management is Microsoft SystemCenter Configuration Manager

As times goes by we are now focusing on the latest and greatest SystemCenter ConfigManager which I would refuse to use a fix version as we are also looking forward to SCCMaaS (SCMM as a service :-))

With the new SCCM version we will also see something like a continous servicing model to make sure its always up-to-date.

You may know the current hazzles of deploying Cummulative Updates to SCCM 2012 (SP2 / R2 SP1 etc.). This will went away in the future also.

A good starting point for the latest Preview informations can be found here:

Another MUST-HAVE is the ConfigManager Team Blog:

More to come here later. Check this out from time to time for extensions.

Helpfull tools:
SCCM PreRequisites Checker (and do the stuff if needed) Tool: