Friday, January 27, 2017

Delete an Azure AD Tenant - Mostly with Powershell

From time to time I need to cleanup my Azure Tenant with old unused Azure ADs. When you are a MS Partner using you get more and more MODxxxxxx tenants in your Azure Portal. Cleaning them up is a bit annoying.

This here will help you.

If you have still an EMS subscription connected with. Then you need to open a ticket from the Billing support to release them. This is something you can not do by your own!

Open the ticket from the Azure Portal!

Reveal stored WLAN passwords in Windows 10

Recently a colleague asked me for the WLAN password I used for our guest network in one of our locations. It was a while ago I asked for it and then I saved it for reusing it.

Then I needed it again and thought: "Where is this stored and can I reveal it?"
Yes you can!

1. Simply open a Admin CMD.
2. Type in: netsh wlan show profile  (This shows up all stored WLAN networks on your system!)

3. Type in: netsh wlan show profile "WLAN NAME" key=clear

The "Key Content" reveals the super secret password.
For security reasons this only works with and administrative command prompt.

Enjoy your new passwords ;-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Miracast - Whats it and how to check for it?

Miracast is an open standard to connect your screen wireless with Miracast capable TVs or Miracast dongles. These dongles need typically an external power and provide an HDMI connector for your screen or beamer. 

As it is an open standard it works also with Android devices. Chromecast is nothing else than Googles name for Miracast. ;-) The only exception as always is Apple. Apple only works with Apple and nothing else. Means when you want to use such a function on Apple devices you need specifically Apples Airplay feature.

Miracast is a further development from originally Intels WiDi (Wireless Display). And it is supported since Windows 8.1.

To make sure your device is supporting it please validate that you have the latest wireless NIC and video card drivers.

It uses a standard called WiFi Direct. This is a second direct wireless connection between your Miracast adapter and your device. This ensures that you can surf in the internet while streaming your video to the Miracast capable device.

Wireless Network Interface Card (WLAN NIC)
NDIS Version minimum supported  6.30
Powershell Command to check is:
Get-NetAdapter | Select Name, NdisVersion

Video Driver Support
To check the support for the video driver you need at least an WDDM 1.3 driver version!
Therefore simply start the diagnostic program "DXDIAG" on your system.
Open the tool and click on "DISPLAY" tab and check the driver model.

Troubleshooting tips:
If you encounter issues then this support article may help you: