Windows 10 - Version and Ressources - Updated

Windows 10 is GREAT! AWESOME! UNIQUE! ...

(UPDATED 2017/04/10)
Ok yeah there is a lot of greatness in it. Even if it is not so unique. There are still some other OSes around the planet. However Windows had still the largest impact on earth when we speak about Operating Systems. And I am absolutely a Windows fan. And as you may observed - it had the same popularity as Windows 7 when it arrived. May be even more.

On this page I just want to share some valuable ressources you may look for.

In general for training check out as always my lovely site:
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Windows Resources

Windows Features in Planning

Checkout this feature planning list. The dev team is now much more transparent and shows us now what they consider based on your feedback used in the Feedback Hub tool!

Windows Bug List

Checkout this bug list. This is based on the internal bug tracker tool at Microsoft and shows all bugs reported and marked as public.

Windows Feature Wishlist - FOR DEV STUFF

Beside the Feedback hub tool you can also use USERVOICE to give feedback for feature wishes.

Windows Insider for business

Insider Programm for business users. Had a higher ranking in solving issues and focusing on business features in Windows. (requires Azure AD accounts and gives you as organization much more control in feedback)

More infos here:

Branches released

(I refer only to the Current Branches as CurrentBranch for Business will just receive bugfixing to the Current Branch).

When we talk about features than more in a "ground breaking" sense. I dont talk about each option or checkbox thats new.

Juli 2015
  • General avaibility (GA) first Windows 10 version
  • Codename Threshold 1
  • Build number 10240 aka 1508

November 2015
  • GA 2nd major Windows 10 Version
  • Codename Threshold 2
  • Build number 10586 aka 1511
    • Introduces dark theme on more places, some minor optical adjustments
    • Support for Windows Update for Business
    • Support for Windows Store for Business
    • NO Support for Enterprise Data Protection (Deferred to Redstone)

Summer 2016
  • GA 3rd major Windows 10 Version
  • Codename Redstone
  • Build number 14393 aka 1607
    • Improvements in Windows Image and Configuration Designer
    • Upgrade Analytics
    • Improvements in Windows Update function regarding deferral and control
    • Improvements for Credential Guard and Device Guard installation
    • Windows Hello for Business (=Windows Hello + MS Passport)
    • VPN Improvements
    • Windows Information Protection (formerly known as EDP)
    • Many improvements in Windows Defender
    • Windows Defender Advanced Protection (WDATP super cool and unique)
    • Improvements for RDP with AAD computers
    • Configurable Taskbar
    • MDM Improvements and new CSPs
    • PC Shared Mode
    • AppV Client built-in
    • UE-V Client built-in
Spring 2017
  • GA 4th minor Windows 10 Version
  • Codename Redstone 2 - Socalled Creators update
  • Build number 15063 aka 1703
    • Creators features are focused on enduser and productivity
      • Makes 3D as normal as WYSIWYG in the 90's
      • Introduces Paint3D (Paint for 3D)
      • Set the technical frontend infrastructure for 3D in Office365 (coming soon)
    • Remix 3D now with Live Account
    • Added VR capabilities and the Mixed Reality portal in Windows 10
    • Many Xbox related feature improvements
    • Beam Integration for gaming
    • Gaming mode improves tremendous performance while gaming
    • "Eye and brain" protection due to night light feature (reducing blue light to improve sleep when you use Windows before going to sleep)
    • Dynamic lock (will lock your PC when you move away with your paired phone)
    • Edge browser (many improvements in edge browser)
      • Set tabs aside (you can restore an older set of tabs)
      • Tab preview (you see in a thumbnail preview other tabs)
      • Books (You can read ebooks right in the browser also from the Windows store)
      • Jumplists are now also available in Edge
      • Adobe Flash "Click to run" security option.
      • Web Payments API integration
      • Read out loud feature for websites "Read aloud button" for EPUB files
      • Updated emojis in full color
      • Share tabs with many apps installed on your PC
      • Import Data feature (PC-Only) to get e.g. favorites or stored passwords from other browsers into EDGE.
      • Runs in general faster
      • Alligned Windows Ink feature better in the Web Notes feature
      • Support for web-to-app linking
      • Architecture in redesigned COMPONENT-UI. Which improves dramatically stability and responsiveness and makes browser UI much more resilient to slow or hung webpage content.
      • Added support for CSS Custom Properties and outline-offset.
    • Windows Configuration Designer (formerly aka WICD) now store app.
    • Bulk enrollment with provisioning packages in Azure AD and MDM.
    • New Powershell Commandlets for automatically installing provisioning packages.
    • MBR2GPT.EXE a new command line tool which allows converting MBR in GPT without deleting the disk. Helps going von BIOS to UEFI.
    • Windows Hello for Business now supports on premise AD only.
    • New Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WD-ATP) capabilities like custom threat intelligence alerts, investigate a specific user account and take immediate actions on a machine or file containing a breach.
    • Enhancements to Windows Defender Antivirus in terms of cloud protection and its configuration
    • MDM supports over 300 new policies
    • MDM Migration Analysis Tool MMAT helps you from going from GPO to OMA-DM policies
    • New MDM polcies for:
      • Office
      • Enterprise AppV Management
      • Dynamic Management (e.g. location, network, time based)
      • Bitlocker
      • CleanPC
      • Network Proxy
      • Start Menu
    • Ability to control start menu and taskbar in Windows 10 Pro with GPOs and MDM
    • Ability to control visible pages in the Settings app by GPO and MDM
    • Support for MAM policies incl. Windows Information Protection
    • New GPO and MDM settings for Edge Browser
    • Better control on feature and quality update settings in Windows Update for Business
    • Monitoring of quality and feature updates in Windows Update for Business
    • Express update support (requires SystemCenter Configuration Manager)
    • Registry Editor has now an address bar
    • Windows Subsystem for Linux: run native unmodified Linux command line tools right in Windows without VMs
    • Command prompt now defaults to Powershell
    • Improved VPN UI interaction from network fly-out menu.
    • Hyper-V Improvements:
      • Quick Create feature
      • Hyper-V instance now remember the zoom level for next session.
      • Override scaling in hyper-V machines
      • Resizing of VM console windows in enhanced session mode.
    • Display improvements:
      • High DPI scaling improvements for desktop applications
      • New setting in properties for programs to improve HighDPI rendering
      • Improved handling of desktop symbols when changing screens.
    • Removed inbox apps will not automatically reinstall when next upgrade to the next Windows 10 version is done. (Apps de-provisioned by IT admins will still be reinstalled)
    • Start menu folders for improved organization of start menu items
    • "All data that MS knows about me"-Feature. Check here.
    • Updated and very improved data privacy experience (on first setup and also on upgrade installation!)
    • CURRENTLY NOT WORKING: Application Guard (it seems this feature is delayed for Redstone 3 even it is visible in the system).
 Fall 2017
  • GA 5th minor Windows 10 Version
  • Codename Redstone 3
  • Build number 16299.19 aka 1709 (yes the minimum version is .19!)
    • OneDrive Files On-Demand - View and access your OneDrive files in File Explorer without using disk space.
    • Pin contacts to the taskbar - Pin your top people to the taskbar for one-click access by Skype or Mail.
    • Drag and drop files to share - Drag files directly onto contacts in your taskbar to start an email, or share directly to your contacts via the share picker.
    • Touch keyboard on PC - The one-handed touch keyboard provides shape writing, dictation and enhanced text prediction.
    • Pin your favorite websites to taskbar - Pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge for instant access.
    • Ransomware protections - New protections in Windows Defender Antivirus help safeguard against malicious apps and threats, including ransomware.
    • Fluent Design - The UI for Start, Action Center and Microsoft Edge includes Acrylic Material - a cool, translucent effect.
    • Connect to iPhone/Android - View a website or Office doc on your iPhone or Android phone and move to your PC with one click.
    • Story Remix – Add 3D effects to your photos and video clips complete with soundtracks, themes and transitions.
    • Improved battery life with power throttling - Save up to 11% in CPU power consumption by throttling background apps.
    • Currency converter in Calculator - An international currency converter is built into the Calculator app, including an offline mode.
    • PDF-based forms in Microsoft Edge - Fill in PDF-based forms within Microsoft Edge and make notes directly on PDFs.
    • View Mixed Reality – Through the world-facing camera on your PC, you can see 3D objects mixed into your actual surroundings.
    • Get web search results in Cortana without opening your browser - Cortana pane will expand automatically with results.3
    • Better storage management - Files can be automatically deleted in your Downloads folder after 30 days
    • Support for 3D in Office apps - Easily insert a 3D object into a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file.
    • Emoji 5.0 – Cool, new and improved emoji designs display more consistently on other platforms.
    • Improved pen experience - Scroll with your pen, select content more efficient, and get help finding a lost pen.
    • New handwriting experience - A handwriting panel features more gestures, easier editing, emoji and improved handwriting recognition.
    • New gaming features - PC gamers can stream games using Mixer and get better performance using Game Mode.
    • Windows Defender Application Guard - Unknown websites which may be hacked are running in a transparent browser session which is running in very tiny virtual machine on your system to prevent hackers access to your normal system.
     Spring 2018