Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Easy dealing with different identities in Edge Chromium

When it comes to deal with different identities in the browser (Edge Chromium) then its sometimes hard to keep track which one is used in which browser window. To here is my ultimate tip to simplify this. 

Simple make use of color themes. Its pretty simple but very effective.

Due to the nature of different functions and also different demo environments I need to keep track which credentials where used where. So the "good old times" of having 2 different browsers (using InPrivate mode there) to have 3 different identities are gone. And also 3 are not enough in our days.

See here mine different ones:

How to make this working? - Simply select the color themes in the browser settings.

This is very simple, safe and effective. Just try it. I won't miss it now!

And yes what you see in the first screenshot isn't a leak. Now its official that Win365 Enterprise gets also AAD Only (now in private preview but officially announced.)