This here is a private site. Just for me and my coworkers when we do stuff for and with MS!

These links need in general logins. So just miss them you do not have them when you do not work with me or in my company!


M365 Webinars on Demand

Windows 10 Links

Windows 10 FLIGHTINGs (Insider only)

Windows 10 FLIGHTING Milestones

MSDN-Software Download

Cloud Dashboard (General-comm)  (MPN only)

O365 Portal (our corp credentials)

Azure Portal (MPN, MSDN Subscription, our corp creds)

Microsoft Intranet (MS Corp creds only)

MPN (Dashboard, MPN)

MPN General Infos (MPN)

CONNECT (Ded. Account)

CHANNEL9 (Tech Stuff free)

Microsoft Virtual Academy (Tech Stuff free)

MPN Partner University (MPN only!)

Demo Creation (Either MPN connected account or MS Corp creds)
(To delete them later check this here as well:

German Cloud (Access only by Invitation)

Microsoft Enterprise Lab OLYMPIA (dedicated Olympia Account needed!)

Privacy DOC Request (MS Corp Only)


SAMI LAIHOs Blog! (one of the guys you should definitly know!)