Data Privacy

Its all about data privacy.

As this is a private blog and contains nothing commercial (not even advertising!) Global data protection regulation does not apply to this blog.

Nevertheless I have no interest in tracking some ones personal data. I am only interested in the reach of my blog posts. Number of unique users and countries. This helps to shape the Information I give in a better way. Therefore the web system I use is using cookies. You have to accept them separate.
I have no way to identify you personally. I cant see  any IP adresses. This is what Google analytics hide from me.

As this blog is using blogger you need to know their data protection policy as well.

Be aware its from Google. As long as Google is free YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!!!
(This applies always when something is free. Except in my case. I prefer to write blogs before mails. Whenever a customer has a question which will some one else ask again. I write a blog and tell the rest to visit my website to get the same information. This saves a lot of time!)

Googles data protection declaration you find here: