Monday, November 23, 2015

Windows 10 reducing the disk footprint

There are some good and space saving news around Windows 10


  1. You do not need a recovery partition anymore (recimg.exe is removed!)
  • Instead files for recovery are used from /Windows/WinSxS folder
    • Space savings aprox. 4 GB
  • Nearly up to date recovery
    • All updates are included EXCEPT the last 30 days for a good reason (to prevent that you recover a situation where a recent update broke your system).
  2. Space savings thought "Compact OS"
  • You can trigger it manually through COMPACT.EXE /CompactOS:always
  • MDT 2013 Update1 Task Sequence
  • SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 Task Sequence
And yes there are small drawbacks. As the OS files are compressed there is a little bit more utilization on OS file access as it also need to decompress the files. But with todays processors the impact is little compared to space savings. Just think about 32 GB tablets with allways low space.

Check the full story here with Mike Niehaus: