Thursday, April 23, 2020

M365 wrong licensing impacts performance

Tenant level security & compliance features may have performance issues when licensed wrong!

Good example is the use of Office 365 ATP e.g. detonation chamber for attachements. Behind this feature there are VMs spinned up for processing the attachments. The number of licensed users control in the background the ammount of VMs used for this. Some customers belief its a good Idea to have 1 x E5 license and then they are able to use the features as they are tenant wide activated then.
But they fail in:
1. doing a license violation
2. having not enough ressources allocated to do the work. Physical result is a strongly delayed delivery of mails with attachments or with dynamic delivery option enabled also a strong delay in delivering the final attachment. This is caused by a tremendous queue of attachments waiting to be checked as there are not enough ressources allocated in the background.
For this and more impacts please refer also to this article. It also covers the topic how to limit the services correctly to the targeted users.