Friday, March 27, 2020

SCCM ConfigMgr Client Health

When you operate your client in an enterprise environment, then you may find from time to time clients in an unhealty condition. E.g. SCCM reporting does not work anymore or other issues around WMI originating from a corrupt WMI repository and much more.

The tech fellow Anders Rodland created a fantastic PowerShell based framework to diagnose and heal your (sccm) clients automatically.


ConfigMgr Client Health detects and fixes following errors:

  • ConfigMgr client is not installed.
  • ConfigMgr client is assigned the correct site code.
  • ConfigMgr client is upgraded to current version if not at specified minimum version.
  • ConfigMgr client not able to forward state messages to management point.
  • ConfigMgr client stuck in provisioning mode.
  • ConfigMgr client maximum log file size.
  • ConfigMgr client cache size. Fixed size (MB) or percentage of disk space.
  • ConfigMgr client certificate error.
  • ConfigMgr client hardware inventory not running.
  • ConfigMgr client CcmSQLCE.log exists and client is not in debug mode.
  • Corrupt WMI.
  • DNS server record matches local IP’s
  • Drivers – Reports faulty or missing drivers on client.
  • Logging to SQL database and / or file share
  • Pending reboot check
  • User-friendly reboot of computer with 3rd party reboot app when in pending reboot or computer uptime is more than specified in config.
  • Services for ConfigMgr client is not running or disabled.
  • Other services can be specified to start and run and specific state.
  • Windows Update Agent not working correctly, causing client not to receive patches.
  • Windows Update Agent missing patches that fixes known bugs.
  • PLUS additional ones in the latest version (check it out!)

More Information's can be found here:

And the latest "ConfigMgrClient Health" can be found on Github: