Friday, August 27, 2021

Windows365 is there

Update from 09/14/2021 (at the end of the article)!

Yeah I know from a timing perspective Windows365 is already here since July 15th 2021. But I had not yet time to write about it. I am glad to be a tester for Windows 365 since October last year. This was the most confidential TAP program we were ever involved. We were even not allowed to talk to German techy Microsofties about it. ;-)

So to make a long story short and demystify the "Windows got streamed to your device" marketing story. Yes it felt like something is "streamed" to your device. But in reality its:

  1. A Microsoft managed virtual machine 
  2. Sitting on Azure
  3. Dedicated for you
  4. Running all the time
  5. Enabled for regular management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  6. Part of your your own domain (hybrid domain joined, Azure AD only is on the roadmap)
  7. Paid on a single flat price (n $ per month)
  8. Accessed via RDP protocol on any device (Windows, IOS, macOS, Android, Browser, Linux)
  9. Very simple to setup and maintain!
And it is for whom?

Actually its not a default device you would give everybody in the whole company. But its a great complementary solution for specific use cases and that could be:

  • Regulated scenarios like banking, healthcare, government (outside of Germany ;-))
  • Changing demands like mergers & acquisitions, temps, contractors or partners
  • Bring your own device scenarios (very popular e.g. in Switzerland)
  • New hires (day one) until you get your real device
  • Device shortages (while you wait until your new or replacement device is there)
  • Working scenarios like retail workers or call center.
  • Special LOB applications
  • Design  & Development (even with hardware accelerated VMs for CAD)
  • Software testing
  • Pandemic situations

You may have heard of Azure Virtual Desktop. How is that related to Win365?

To learn more about it I gave 2 webcasts including demos:

GERMAN webcast held with my colleague Karsten Kleinschmidt in our own glueckkanja-gab AG webcast studio.
YOUTUBE - Windows 365 Cloud PC - German

ENGLISH webcast held with Ragnar Heil together from home office & vacation bus ;-)
YOUTUBE - Windows 365 Cloud PC - English

Pricing and plans are found here:
Windows 365 Plans and Pricing | Microsoft

Windows 365 Documentation found here:
Windows 365 Enterprise documentation | Microsoft Docs

And yes there is also a Business version available. Difference here:
  1. Azure AD only
  2. No network connection to on-premises
  3. No custom images
  4. Limited to max 300 users
So not really an option a larger enterprise would think of.

If you want to know what's new and currently available:
What's new in Windows 365 | Microsoft Docs

If you are interested in what's coming next then look here:
In development - Windows 365 | Microsoft Docs

In another post later I will talk about tips & tricks for deployment & troubleshooting. Stay tuned!

PS: Microsoft stopped the trial temporary due to overwhelming success and a large amount of requests for it. You can still "try" with a paid subscription. If you are seriously interested then the probably 32 US$ per month aren't too much for a paid test machine.

(UPDATE 9/14/2021):
To get a first glimpse here you get access to a interactive demo experience!
Interactive Demo (

And if you want to see current feature requests, upvoting or adding a new one.
Windows 365 feature requests - Microsoft Tech Community