Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tune up your old SurfacePro4

I have a Surface Pro4 for a while. And it got every half year its nice fine upgrade. 

Since beginning the Surface Pro4 supported 2 external full HD monitors via the dock but then the internal screen was blacking out. Checked the specs and it was as it was by design. The gaphic adapter did not support 3 monitors (while external are full HD 1080 and the internal was in native 2k mode)

In October I realized that after a certain update (could not found which one) the WLAN becomes also very clunky (bad WLAN performance). Sometimes packet loss or ping roundtrip times in the 900ms or more milliseconds. Did here also some research and all hints just improved from time to time so no real solution.

So what is the best advice when in trouble?

  1. Reboot
  2. Reinstall
  3. Rebuy newer hardware

Then I thought ok its now worth to reinstall my machine completely fresh from ground. (2. Reinstall option). Due to Onedrive not really a big data loss. Just the hazzle of reinstalling latest version of my software suites.

And it turned out it was a refreshing living cell injection for my PC!

After processing all the updates the machine is supporting things out of the box I had never before automatically.

  1. It now supports 2 external screens while still having native resolution shown on the internal screen (= 1 screen more!)
  2. The bad WLAN performance was gone
  3. It supports now out of the box space reservation for upgrades (fresh installed systems since 1903 (afaik) will create a extra free space reserved for future upgrades. So no showblocker for upgrades anymore with HDDs full of data. This only works with fresh installed machines beginning with 1903. So migrations from 1507 over and over again do not support this)
  4. My important user profile documents are automatically migrated to Onedrive out of the box! So everything you store them will integrate automatically to Onedrive. Just be aware of your picture archive. It automatically syncs down and blows your HDD. So you should keep it "cloud only" with the Files On Demand feature!!!)

All over my advice is from time to time it is still worth to take a fresh restart! (Ensuring that all your precious data is stored in OneDrive)