Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Chromium Edge adds most natural voice ever

For my day to day work as information worker I have to read a lot. To stay more focused on the content while reading it helps to use the "read aloud" feature from Edge Chromium (while still in Beta its an awesome browser and I use it since couple weeks for my day to day work). 

The other browsers are still there - just as backup in case (I did not yet had the case!)

The Read Aloud feature, which you can start from the right click context menu or from the "Settings and more" menu, now supports more natural sounding voices out of the box. When you turn on Read Aloud and click the "Voice options" button, you’ll notice new "24kRUS" and "Neural" voice options. These voices sound more natural than ever. Try it out. It is really amazing! The new voices are powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services and exposed via the JavaScript Speech Synthesis API. This means that any web-based text to speech application can leverage them to create more human sounding experiences in Microsoft Edge. And MS as always love to hear your feedback! And if you haven't him yet then hurry up! You will find him here: