Thursday, November 22, 2018

Network connection from public to private with Powershell

Sometimes the Windows 10 network connection will be classified automatically as public or private and it is not in the way as it should be. As this will affect firewall rules you sometimes get by a domain group policy. The effect is that your software cant communicate anymore when this was done wrong.

How to fix this?

Very simple with PowerShell!

1. Open an Admin PowerShell Command Prompt.
2. Type in: Get-NetConnectionProfile
3. Check the name from your network connection. Keep in mind when you have Security features like credential guard and/or HyperV enabled you will see more "Unidentified networks". You can safely ignore them. Here in my example the network is called "CAP".
4. Type in: Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name "CAP" -NetworkCategory Private

Your setting will be active immediately!