Thursday, January 11, 2018

WMI Explorer 2.0 - including Powershell Code generation

While working with PowerShell you come sometimes to situations you need to control something on the machine not reachable right out of the box. So WMI is the answer to your question. Lots of things you can only trigger by WMI through PowerShell when it comes to automation also in combination with SCCM.

The main pain point is how to find the right thing at the right place. And then how to bring it into a PowerShell query. For both questions an easy answer is WMI Explorer.


As there is a specific script tab to create the needed PowerShell code.
Here as example to figure out the used Processor.

  •  Browse and view WMI objects in a single pane of view.
  •  Connect as alternate credentials to remote computers.
  •  Asynchronous and Synchronous mode for enumeration.
  • Method execution.
  • SMS (Configuration Manager) mode providing additional functionality for Configuration Manager.
  • Filter classes and instances matching specified criteria.
  • View classes/instances in Managed Object Format (MOF).
  • Search classes, methods and properties for names matching specified criteria.
  • Run WQL queries.
  • Automatic generation of WQL query for the selected Class/Instance.
  • Automatic script creation (PowerShell and VBS).
  • Highlighting enumerated objects.
  • Display property descriptions and possible enumeration values (if available).
  • Display methods descriptions and parameters.
  • Display embedded property values.
  • Caching enumerated classes/instances.
  • View WMI Provider Process Information.
  • Automatic check for new version.
  • Added option to specify COMPUTERNAME as a parameter and automatically connect.
    Example: WmiExplorer.exe COMPUTERNAME