Saturday, March 19, 2016

Biometric Windows Hello also with Surface PRO3 (workaround)

Users of Surface Pro 3 may be very disappointed as they have no chance to use their face for logon simplification. As there is no Windows Hello camera integrated.

But recently MS released the new TypeCover for Surface Pro4 with Fingerprint Reader which gives you a great Chance still to use Windows Hello.

Just to clarify in "Windows Hello ready" devices mostly the Intel Realsense camera is used for 3D face recognition. A normal camera does not work for this feature as you need the 3rd dimension information just cameras like these create.

This is also the reason why "just a picture" does not work.
Also cut off the head does not work either. Just to make clear we did not tried that! :-)

But the Realsense technology take advantage of infrared light processing as well.

When you have a Surface Pro4 then Microsoft uses it's own camera sensor which is comparable with the Intel Realsense camera. There you Can use for Windows Hello logon your face.

But Windows Hello is not limited to this.

You can use also other biometric informations for Windows Hello as well. Here Comes the new keyboard into Play. The Keyboard is compatible for Surface PRO 3 and PRO4.

When you connect this great new keyboard with Fingerprint Reader with your Surface Pro3 (at least the typing experience alone is worth the money compared to the old one!) then you have all you need to run also Windows Hello.
And now you just need your finger to logon. :-)

Just to clarify. I was not sponsored from MS to write this blog. Nor I get an typecover upfront for writing this article. :-)