Monday, January 4, 2016

Move on to EDGE: How to import IE favorites in Edge

As time goes by Edge gets better and better. Soon the additional addons arrive.
And from speed perspective I really love Edge. He is much faster and smoother then IE.

I know not yet everything works. But from build to build I see more improvements.

That drove me to the descision to move on with EDGE first and only switch back to IE when needed.

You can simply control the default URL handler behaviour with the IE Enterprise Mode that let even control which URL is opened with which browser. But this will be another blog post.

This blog is really about the way to import IE favorites into Edge.
And now it is really simple to do that.

See here the simple steps:

Click on HUB and then on FAVORITES SETTINGS
Then Click on IMPORT

finally you see all the imported favorites.
Sometimes it is necessary to close and reopen the browser to see the full list of imported favorites.

Checkout soon for the next Edge related blog